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Questo terminale portabile robusto migliora la produttività e riduce gli errori nel magazzino con, mani libere, le applicazioni voice-directed conveniente ad alte prestazioni.


Rugged, voice-dedicated, task-specific tool
Easy-to-use, rugged tool for voice-directed applications.

Ergonomic, hands-free design
Award-winning ergonomic design increases user comfort and productivity.

High-performance next-generation platform
Best-in-class dual core processor provides the power to run virtually any enterprise application.

802.11a/b/g/n WLAN
Easily connects to existing WLAN for fast integration; 802.11n and support for advanced WLAN features greatly improve WLAN bandwidth, performance and reliability for improved voice performance.

Wide temperature range
Designed to operate across a wide temperature range ensures operation in virtually all environments of the warehouse, including -4°F/-20°C (-22°F/-30°C with freezer pouch).

Voice-recognition, text-to-speech engines and robust Voice-over-WLAN (VoWLAN) support
Easy to develop and deploy feature-rich voice-directed applications.

Compatible with Zebra’s rugged wearable scanners
Easily expand functionality with robust barcode scanning for superior future proofing and investment protection.

Compatible with Zebra’s RCH51 lightweight, rugged headset
Provides an end-to-end cost-effective and complete voice-directed platform.