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802.11ac Access Point – Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi For Small Budgets

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Product Overview

Priced for the mass market, the enterprise-grade ExtremeWireless WiNG AP 7622
is ideal for budget-conscious business owners like you. While the competition
claims to offer value, they strip their APs to the point of being an empty promise.
Not so with the AP 7622. Gentle on wallets, its intelligent ExtremeWireless WiNG
5 operating system is aggressive in outwitting interference and congestion that can
disappoint your customers and hinder your business. With its non-tech simplicity,
installing it, setting it up, and managing it is a no-brainer, whether on-premise or
private cloud with Extreme NSight™. Have a chain of shops and restaurants? The
sky’s the limit for massive scalability, reliable connectivity, and capabilities no other
access point can match.

Best Value Enterprise-Grade 802.11ac

Why compromise quality for price? The AP 7622 doesn’t just lower your expenses;
it elevates your wireless experience. You can get the lowest-priced AP on the
market offering the most robust set of enterprise-class features, so you can avoid
the hidden costs of cheaply-made access points.

Designed for Small Spaces

If you are a small retailer, restaurant, quick serve, or cafe, the AP 7622 is designed
for you. Until now, you had little choice. Buy a complex and expensive AP designed
for conglomerates or a cheap, consumer-grade product prone to fail. The AP
7622 solves all that. Extreme Networks pared it down so it won’t overwhelm your
business or budget. Yet, it’s still incredibly reliable and powerful.

Non-Tech Simplicity

Don’t have an IT department? Don’t worry, the AP 7622 was created for people
already busy running their own business – just like you. Out of the box, the AP
7622 can easily fit into your shop or restaurant, as its housing comes with a built-in
T-bar mounting clip. Simply twist in place. With zero-touch setup, there’s nothing
to it. Whether you install one or one thousand APs across your entire chain,
management will be a cinch with WiNG 5 management, with the user-friendly
design, auto-provisioning, auto-adoption to a WiNG Controller, and automatic RF