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When it comes to meeting the needs of your workforce, the rugged Wi-Fi MC55N0 excels with its perfect blend of form and function. The MC55N0 offers organizations the right level of features, the right level of rugged design and support for the most demanding business applications anywhere in your facility – indoors and outside. The compact and lightweight mobile computer is easy to carry and easy to use, with a sleek design that is at home in front of customers.


The most rugged design yet in this class
The MC55N0 delivers outstanding performance, even after exposure to heat, cold, dust, water. And all models can be sanitized with many common cleaners without harming the housing or the sensitive electronics.

The power to handle virtually any application
Packed with the latest technology, our powerful platform offers the most current mobile operating system for the enterprise, as well as the fastest processor and largest memory footprint in this device class. And the 802.11n radio substantially increases wireless bandwidth.

Industry-leading scanning performance on any barcode
Choose the scan engine that will deliver the best performance on the types of data you need to capture – even damaged and poor quality codes.

Create a single application version for the MC55N0 and your other Zebra mobile computers
RhoElements allows you to create a single application that looks, feels and acts the same on Zebra mobile computers, regardless of whether it runs on the Android, Microsoft® Windows Mobile or Windows CE operating systems.