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Inizia con Wi-Fi e aggiungere WWAN. Swap scansione motori per supportare nuovi tipi di codici a barre. Aggiungere il supporto per le applicazioni di picking vocale e per qualsiasi tipo di tag RFID. Molti moduli pronti per l’uso sono disponibili per soddisfare le esigenze altamente specializzate dei diversi mercati verticali. E dal momento che il marchio Workabout è stato al servizio delle imprese per oltre 20 anni, si può scegliere il collaudato Workabout Pro 4 con fiducia.


Impressive modularity for an extraordinary life cycle and a low TCO
The Workabout Pro is built using modular design principles, enabling you to choose the features you need today and upgrade almost all key features tomorrow by simply changing the modules. Add a new scan engine; a camera; LF, HF or UHF RFID as well as Wi-Fi, cellular and GPS, plus a wide variety of additional options available through our partners.

Boost productivity with superior application performance
With triple the Flash, double the RAM and almost double the processing speed of the prior generation, you get extraordinary performance on all applications.

A high-resolution color 8 MP camera for a world of new applications
With the ability to take sharp, detailed photos, workers can capture indisputable proof of delivery, document damaged product, confirm repair completion and obtain on-the-job assistance from a remote product expert or assistance ordering the right parts.

Comprehensive support for speech-enabled applications
Supports speech-enabled applications, boosting productivity and accuracy in warehousing applications.

The flexibility to choose the right model for every job
Choose the size that best fits the job as well as each worker — short or long. Workers can easily attach a pistol grip to bring comfort to scan intensive tasks, such as inventory cycle counts.

Backwards compatibility with accessories
All of your existing Workabout Pro charging accessories and a majority of the partner modules will work with the Workabout Pro 4, allowing you to easily and cost-effectively upgrade to the latest mobile technologies.